Smarty the rat changes our vision of the world

Small and grey with long whiskers, Smarty the rat is an unusual hero.

Immediately, he makes us reconsider our relation to the world, softly and tenderly, like a mother, protecting children all over the world and gathering them around essential values.


"Children have the power to change the world with their knowledge"

This is one of the messages conveyed by Smarty: a universal and intergenerational one, since parents and grandparents are obviously the best guides for their children and grandchildren on the route to knowledge.

Through his educational stories based on research and passing on universal messages of love, respect and tolerance, Smarty invites his readers to discover the world around them. With this knowledge, children can become heroes themselves; they can understand that every living being has a place on this earth, and never give up their dreams. That is the reason why Nadia Katrib gives talks in schools with the ever-popular Smarty, to make children aware of these issues.

Discover one of Smarty’s actions: Children clean up a beach with Smarty


Thanks to his various outfits (Little Sailor, Little Star, Little Heart, Little Swimmer, Little Cuddle)

Smarty the rat is present at every moment of a child’s life: as a soft toy they can cuddle while falling asleep, as a friend, or as a merry playmate in the games they invent, stirring up their imagination and creativity.

Smarty’s look represents the “chic à la française”: his beautiful clothes are designed by Lea Gnidzaz, a gifted young stylist and former employee of several prestigious fashion brands (Givenchy, Diane von Fürstenberg, Sonia Rykiel). Her creations are a true initiation to excellence for the little ones.

In his quest of aestheticism, Smarty incites us to open our eyes wide, wherever we may be, to admire the wonders of nature as a real treasure that can charm all of our senses. He also invites us to respect nature and protect the planet both individually and collectively, through simple gestures that can have a real impact on the environment when they add up.

Mutual Aid

In addition to promoting this value of mutual aid in his books, Smarty launches concrete actions both at a local and a global scale.

The profits generated by the sales of Smarty the rat products are used to help the suffering and needy. To this day, 12 gravely ill children have been able to undergo cardiac surgery, milk cans have been distributed to an orphanage in Sri Lanka, and Yule logs have been savoured on Christmas Eve by elderly people who could not afford it… to mention only a few examples!

Discover Smarty the rat’s concrete actions


Smarty works exclusively with ethical and environment-friendly companies.


With his playful humour and his big heart, Smarty, the hero, small and grey with whiskers, enjoys life to the fullest and his optimism is infectious.

"A true delight for the whiskers!"