Nadia Katrib, creator of Smarty the rat

Nadia Katrib’s childhood: the source of her inspiration

Nadia’s own story lies behind Smarty’s. She grew up in Kuwait, in a secure and protective environment that almost seemed to be a timeless bubble.

The year she turned 13, she went to France with her family for the holidays. It was then that disaster struck. Kuwait was invaded and everything changed. She never went home again.

All that she has left from her childhood is a nightshirt.

Lost in a world that was not hers, she had to learn to fight prejudices that die hard.

Protecting the weak: Nadia Katrib’s vocation

Nadia has always looked after the others: she states very clearly that her mission on this earth is to care for other people. She has suffered as well, so she can relate and understand, and she has decided to put her natural capacity for empathy and her rare ability to feel instant and boundless love for those around her at the service of the most fragile human beings. She is never afraid to welcome, hug, comfort, or simply listen to those who come to her. Staying true to her instinct, she remains unfailingly conscious that love can always save the day.

Now a grown-up, Nadia Katrib, the writer and illustrator of the Smarty the rat book series, intends to change the world thanks to her books and soft toys. Smarty is the wonderful messenger she sends to teach people to be more tolerant and loving.

The power of great causes at the service of others

Animated by the power of great causes, Nadia fights day in and day out to fulfil her dream and send Smarty all over the world to comfort suffering souls.

4 main causes motivate the actions of Nadia and her messenger Smarty the rat: children, the elderly, animal welfare and the environment.

"Smarty is all my life! Through him, I fulfil my mission to help others. Together, we undertake concrete actions, both locally and worldwide".