Who is Smarty the rat?

Smarty the rat is a hero. A small grey hero with whiskers.

At first sight, Smarty the rat seems to be merely an adorable soft toy. But when you take a closer look at him, you discover that he conveys a universal and resolutely positive message of hope, and it feels good. With those big black eyes of his, Smarty shows us how to open ours and see the world in a different light. This little rat is a true messenger who claims in his stories that knowledge is the key to open all doors, and especially the door to love.

Smarty the rat is a lively, realistic character!

"I’ve chosen not to invent Smarty’s universe". Smarty travels to different places and countries, and all of them are real. He meets wonderful people and gets wiser from his experience of the world as it is.

Smarty has a big heart, he loves giving and sharing. He also has a sense of humour and uses his whiskers to make his funny and benevolent messages more expressive in every situation. He acts as a protector of the children and comes into their everyday life with tender words to invite them to discover a lot of things.

Many are the adults and children alike who develop a big crush on Smarty and make him part of their games, even welcoming him with joy and love as a new member of their family!

Discover the Values of Smarty the rat