Smarty changes fates for the better!

With his generous heart, he takes care of the children and elderly people in need of support and help; he holds their hand and accompanies them through life, going on with them as long as he possibly can.

Smarty simply loves to make children happy, as well as aware of the necessity to respect the environment. Soon, our small grey hero with the long whiskers will have his own blog to write to you and associate you to each and every one of his actions, locally or at the other end of the world!

In the meantime, you can discover here some of these rejoicing actions, particularly the ones related to children.

"A mattress for a princess" initiative in Sri Lanka

They are 4 to 6 years old. Their names are Christine, Natacha…and they live in an orphanage near Colombo in Sri Lanka. Smarty the rat’s medium term objective is to help these little girls to become independent women!

But, in the very short term, moved by their rudimentary housing conditions, we aim at collecting funds to buy 25 mattresses, pillows and sheets for the little girls of this orphanage.

Smarty the rat’s magical power has manifested itself in 8 days, thanks to all the generous donors! Our most heartfelt gratitude goes to them!

Discover the initiative "A mattress for a princess"

Help with other urgent matters for this orphanage

Children clean up a beach with Smarty

Smarty the rat addresses himself to children with a veritably educational approach.

His role is to highlight his vision of the world: children can contribute to making the world a better place, and even a wonderful one, but they must know that they have the power to change this world in which they live, through knowledge!

It is essential to make children understand that they can contribute to the preservation of our planet, both individually and collectively, by adopting a respectful and responsible behaviour.

Therefore, a little while ago, Smarty decided to make some of them participate collectively, in a playful way, to a concrete action: cleaning up a beach! The children enthusiastically rose up to the challenge, all together with Smarty!

Smarty the rat on the beach

A big crush of the Kids United:
Smarty invited himself in the children’s music video